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No time in history have so many good ideas been looking for investors and markets.

Yet, some of the best of today's new technologies are passed over because startups haven’t properly explained and impressed. There have not been many available resources to acquire these skills..



presensuasion logoBut to compete, there are skills that MUST be part of their arsenal.

New Venture Institute was founded to bring critically-needed communication,
story, and strategic business skills to startups, offering state-of-the-art-and-science
resources and Best Practices to make sure that new companies have a better chance of succeeding in a competetive and unforgiving arena. Honing talents to assure that the message is heard, is compelling, and can move audiences to action.



We offer skills tailored to the unique needs of companies looking to attract investors, strategic partners, and a market. Based on a model refined over two decades and adopted by leading domestic and global organizations.


Courses have been developed by and are taught by the industry’s most respected thought leaders. And by those who have been there. Done that.


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About the communications model




For more than two decades, we've helped domestic and global organizations tell their stories. The model was first developed by Chuck Goldstone in 1989 and has been updated each year to reflect new research, new technologies, and an assembly of the Best Practices used by world class organizations., including Fidelity Investments, Pepsi-Cola, the United States Air Force, Keurig and scores of other organizations in nearly ever sector.


The approach has been taught at the University of Massachusetts and offered in workshops bynational organizations and associations. Its principles, practices, and processes are used by communications strategists, instructional designers, adult learning authorities, speechwriters, visual developers, storytellers, and speakers.









About Chuck Goldstone



Chuck Goldstone
Founder and Executive Director


Chuck Goldstone is a renowned authority on communications and has helped organizations tell better stories and tell their stories better. He has brought together the art and science of influence, the impact of story, and the power of visuals and mnemonic devices to move audiences to decision.


He was founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of !deaworks/!deaCorporation of America, Chuck Goldstone Communications, Presen+Suasion™, and CommInLaw™.


As communications strategist, author, concept catalyst, and consultant, he has the ear and trust of senior management in some of the planet's most prestigious domestic and global firms. As a consultant, he has helped organizations in nearly every discipline unleash the creative assets of executives.

Chuck has written and directed nearly 1000 programs for clients, reaching millions of viewers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
He has taught at some of New England's most respected colleges and universities and holds an M.Ed from Boston University. He is author of a soon-to-be-published book on business communications, story, and organizational persuasion.

For more than ten years, Goldstone was a nationally recognized commentator on Public Radio International's Marketplace, heard on over 400 stations, and is still a popular radio and TV guest and keynote speaker. He is an author, business columnist, storyteller, humorist, author of This Book Is Not a Toy: Friendly Advice on How to Avoid Death and Other Inconveniences (St. Martin's Press). His business communications writings have appeared in national magazines and he is a national blogger on business communications and new employee communication



client services


Karen Zarrow
Marketing and Client Services


Karen Zarrow brings her extensive experience in client-relationship services and marketing, to help startups find the tools, resources, and support to drive them toward success.

Karen has more than twenty years of experience in management in the high-tech, consulting and startup worlds. Armed with her wide-ranging business background and acumen, she is liasion, guide, and always-helpful and supportive voice.

Before joining New Venture Institute, Karen managed customer/partner accounts for EasyLobby/HID Global, MyHelpDesk.com, LifeFX, and ServiceSoft Technologies and she worked as an International Accountant and Auditor at Apollo Compter.

Karen earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters of International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Managemen




board of advisors



New Venture Institute is guided by a board of prominent industry leaders, who have lead or funded successful companies. The board includes venture capitalists and angel investors, corporate CEO/CFO/business leaders, and successful serial entrepreneurs.